Our services

Our company performs each action connected with your vessel’s smooth staying at our ports.


   — Taking care of your fleet at our ports:

Arrangement & assistance of vessel’s quick & safe turn-around at port: we assist in smooth cargo loading and unloading operations. We aim for the best results & saving time for our customers. (Regardless of the type of vessels that are going to port, we welcome them and ready to arrange with our agency service. ) . Our company appreciates your business and we do so with the utmost care to let you achieve a success in your activity with us.

   — Full support of the vessel by required supplies:

We have reliable ship-chandlers in each port, who are able to collect & deliver onboard required provision, ship’s stores, various spare parts incl. boatswain requirements within shortest possible times, even on holidays & weekends. All supplied items are officially declared and customs declaration properly issued prior supply & upon departure of the vessel.

   — Organization and assistance of FW supply as well as Bunker supply:

Our company has good & stable relationship with dozen of bunker suppliers & bunker traders (local and abroad), which makes us to offer most competitive prices & terms within necessary time frames. Customs declaration issuance is performed right on time as well.

   — Crew exchange procedures & supporting steps:

We may timely arrange necessary actions for crew repatriation & joining at desired port. We know-how Russian immigration rules & regulations, which allow us to assist in getting exit VISA’s for off-signers, or we may arrange letter of invitation to enable new crew joining. Of course, we do everything to realize “OK TO BOARD” on each stage – we make passes to port/terminal, hotel booking, and organizing meeting at the airport/delivery to/from vessel, tickets booking and supporting actions in order to keep you satisfied.

   — Monitoring & vessels line-up

We are aiming for any kinds of cooperation: immediate & perspective.

Our view of ideal business model is continuous growth & development. Even in case you are not ready at present moment for direct partnership with us – we still open for you as we really see you as a perspective customs of our company someday: please feel free to contact with us in case you might have independent view for the situation in particular port or even particular line-up of the fleet within interested area, where “NMS” is available. We receiving up-dated information concerning our ports & vessels/cargoes and see many things which could be helpful to our customers for daily/future shipping business planning and in this regards, presume we could be helpful for you too.

   — Flexible in payment of port dues

Nowadays, we are aiming for comfortable way of doing the business. That is because we understand that time are the key value for our shipping customers and we respect their way of doing business too. In this regards, we are flexible in the way of payment of port D/A, and for long-term partners we are ready to discuss about consideration of part of advance payment or instalment payment.

   — 24/7/365 Availability & Communication

We realize the importance of uninterrupted connection in what we do and during our business activity. And in order to be always accessible, we use modern way of communication «on-the-fly» & we supply each Captain by local suitable devices during staying at our ports which enables us and our Customer stay informatively calm and updated continuously.