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Shipping agency service at Nakhodka, Vostochny, Kozmino, Vladivostok, Slavyanka, Zarubino Ports

Our core business – a shipping agency providing service for ships calling Russian Far-East ports: either Nakhodka or Vladivostok or Vostochny or Kozmino or Slavyanka or Zarubino - we are everywhere in those area, which is having the interest/business of our Customer. Above is the key principle of our business.

Our partners are main towage, pilotage companies at Far-eastern port of Russia from mentioned ports. We have necessary passes for main terminals at ports of  Nakhodka (Trade port), Vostochny (VSC, VUT, Kozmino), Vladivostok (Trade port & Fishery port), Slavyanka (Ship Repairing Yard), Zarubino (Troitsa bay port). Necessary agreements with mentioned ports and terminals are existing and workable.

Our agency rendering sphere is rather wide as well: we performing agency of a “bunker call” for ships which arrives without cargo operations, attendance in a loading/discharging operations with supporting activity (survey hire, etc.), anchorage staying only call, or a call for owner’s matters (crew exchange, owners items, supplies, etc.), liquid cargo loading call in regards of Kozmino terminal (crude oil) and other calling purposes are also workable.

For professional agency attendance’ skills of various fleet of our Principals, our staff are equipped & skilled with know-how experience in communication with different port administration, customs & immigration authorities. As practice shows, during agency job steps in Russian ports, various nuances in attendance arise and it differs from port to port. Moreover our agency staff time to time upgrades professional agency & related skills, such as labor protection, Fonasba/agency handbooks courses, driving skills and others. We are in possess of two unit of vehicles and able to arrange around the clock transportation of authorities, crew members, company representatives, as well as staff’s vehicles are also taken into consideration during normal agency activity, if required as well.

Our company representatives are constantly arranging meetings with partners and principals at Russian and abroad and participates in shipping conferences meeting with shipping communities all over the world in order to stay in trends of modern agency business.

Plenty of shipowners and shipmanagers are familiar with our company and some of them are our satisfied customers for years. Since the moment of establishment of the company in 2014 NMS achieved a reputation of a reliable legal entity, and it is well known in the organizations in which our company is being a member of: National Agency Association (member of Fonasba), Bimco, “Opora Russia”.

Inner corporate management of the company are arranged in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and yearly held inspection confirms company’s fit for successful management and development of the company. Our organization has an arbitration experience as well: we are ready to protect our client’s interest in that way too.

Our organization headquarters are situated at port of Nakhodka, Administrative division area – the mostly close point to ports infrastructure, additionally we have separate office at port of Vladivostok,  Bestuzheva street – closest point to Vladivostok Trade port infrastructure and customs & port control location.

Taking foresaid into consideration, we are welcome everyone becoming our business partner.

Our company is ready to participate in agency tenders, if such are applicable in your organization, in order to confirm our professionalism in the field of agency services. Additionally, we would be grateful for the opportunity of setting up an appointment with key representatives of your company at Russia or abroad if any chance or invitation will appear for detailed discussion of our business relationship.

Gruntsov Maxim – General manager


Our achievements:


* In 2019 "Nakhodka Maritime Services"
Key agency staff passed examination and accordingly are awarded the “Fonasba Ship Agent Diploma”


*    In 2018 "Nakhodka Maritime Services" became a «BIMCO» & «Association of Saint-Petersburg Shipping Agencies» member:



*    In 2018 "Nakhodka Maritime Services" implemented an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Requirements:


*    Since 2016 "Nakhodka Maritime Services" are holding a position of a leading provider of AIS data — marinetraffic.com 

*    In 2015 the RIC of "Nakhodka Maritime Services" was a guest-speaker in International conference “Argus Far East Bunkering 2015“ which held in October 2015 at Vladivostok (Russia) featuring «Bunker replenishment of transit-going vessels and its significance of developement of ports of South Primorye».

BIMCO membership


*    Since 2014 "Nakhodka Maritime Services" are holding aposition of a leading provider of AIS data - Vesseltracker.com

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