Nakhodka port

Port of Nakhodka (as well as port of Vostochny) sharing one harbor of Nakhodka, and anchorage areas are tightly situated one with another. The harbor washed down by Japan Sea and located conveniently hided by at Nakhodka harbour, washed by Japan Sea and included into ‘Zaliv Petra Velikogo’ gulf of Russian Fareast.

Nakhodka port consisted out of following independent terminals:

View towards Berth #10, Berth #8 of Nakhodka port View towards Berth #72 - #78 of Nakhodka port (Astafieva cape)
View towards Berth #77 - #78 of Nakhodka port (Astafieva cape) View towards Berth #8 and #9 of mainland Nakhodka port

1) ‘Evraz Ncsp’ Terminal – it is 9 berthes at mainland and 9 berthes at cape ‘Astafieva’ side with combined berthes length up to 3 km with maximum draft till 10,90 m with ability to accept Panamax vessels. Below terminal parameters actually makes Evraz Ncsp terminal the deepest one in Nakhodka harbor after Vostochny port.
Nowadays, this terminal oriented for handling export steel production & bulk coal.


View of «Terminal Astafieva»

2) ‘Terminal Astafieva’ – having two berthes: berth #68 & berth #69, predominantly handling coal in bulk, maximum draft here up to 9,35 m and able to accept Handymax fleet with LOA up to 190 meters. Average loading rates is 6’000 – 10’000 PWWD ATDN SSHINC by shore cranes.


Attis Enterprise Terminal Attis Enterprise Terminal

3) ‘Attis Enterprise’ Terminal – independent port facility with 4 berthes, which are able to accept Handymax fleet till 190 meters LOA and loading is performed till maximum draft of 9,60 meters. ‘Attis Enterprise’ nowadays mainly handles only coal in bulk.

View towards «Nakhodka Fishery Port» View towards «Nakhodka Fishery Port»

4) ‘Nakhodka Fishery Port’ – apart of its name is used for carry out general/bagged cargo, containers, logs/timber, steel scrap & bulk cargoes, such as coke/coal. Having in total 9 berthes in mainland with combined length around 1,2 kilometers with maximum draft 8,80 meters makes this terminal a universal handling port in the area for import/export commodities. Nowadays, this port is passing reconstruction activity simultaneously with vessels and cargo handling operations.


 View of «Eastern Gates» Terminal

5) ‘Eastern Gates’ – Primoskiy Zavod – this terminal having 4 workable berthes out of total 9 berthes. Main cargo: coal in bulk & timber, maximum draft up to 8,10 meters of SSW.


 View of Berth #79 of Commercial Port «Livadia»

6) ‘Commercial port Livadia’ – small terminal with 2 berthes which able to accept handy fleet and load them until the draft of 8,80 meters. Mainly handling bulk coal, however facility permits handling scrap & bagged/general cargoes using three shore cranes & convenient railroad area.


 View of «NSRY» and backward view of «DVSMZ» berthes

7) ‘NSRY’ – Nakhodka Ship Repairing Yard. Mainly well noted as ship’s repairing yard with 8 berthes with various draft limitations.

Originally, «Nakhodka Maritime Services» are from Nakhodka port and we keep successfully performing our energetic activity at each Nakhodka terminal!

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