Vostochny port

Vostochny port

Port of Vostochny is the leading coal handling port at Russian Federation, say a “Far East gates of Russia”. This is a modern port, launched in far 1973 and nowadays whole Vostochny port are the deepest port at Russian Far Eastern area, however, actually general meaning of “Vostochny” port is consisted out of 8 independent port operators, which are as follows:  1) Vostochny port, 2) Vostochnaya-Stevedoring Company (VSC), 3) Vostochny Lesnoy Port (VLP), 4) Special Sea Oil Loading port Kozmino 5) Vostochny Maly port, 6) Vostochno-Uralskiy Terminal (VUT), 7) Vostochny Neftechemical Terminal (VNT), 8) Toplivno Bunkering Terminal (TBK).

PPK-1 of Vostochny port — view towards Berth #14 ~ # 11 PPK-1 of Vostochny port — view towards Berth #14 ~ # 11

1) Vostochny port undoubtedly holds the leading position among Russian ports regarding export of bulk coal export: 2016 year showed amazing 23 million tons of export coal, which passed through berthes of Vostochny port for export directions, which is almost 20% of all Russian coal export during mentioned period. General specifications of Vostochny port berthes: there are 4 berthes at PPK-1 stevedoring company with combined berthes length around 0,8 km and maximum acceptable vessel’s draft could be up to 12,20 meters (summer sea water laden draft).

Another part of Vostochny port is the deepest PPK-3 stevedoring company with two berthes, able to accept capesize vessel’s with LOA up to 300 meters, DWT up to 190’000 mt) and laden draft could be up to 16,0 meters. PPK-3 is a specialized loading terminal predominantly oriented for handling of bulk coal, with amazing loading rates (1’200 – 1’500 mt per hour per one loader – around 30’000 – 40’000 mt within 24 hours by one loader).
For more information for Vostochny port regulations & details you may find here.

View towards Berth #49 and Berth #50 of PPK-3 of Vostochny port View towards Berth #49 and Berth #50 of PPK-3 of Vostochny port

2) Vostochnaya-Stevedoring Company (hereafter the ‘VSC’) belongs to ‘Global Ports’ group, who are mainly specializes of handling a containerized commodities at Russian Fareast and Russian Baltic ports and central part of country. Nowadays, VSC manages 4 berthes with combined length over 1,2 km, able to accept panamax fleet with maximum laden draft not to exceed 11,7 meters. Additionally to containers handling, VSC uses one berth for handling bulk coal (berth #5).

Panorama view of «VSC» — Berthes 8, 7, 6, 5 View towards coal handling berth #5 of «VSC»

3) Vostochny Lesnoy Port (hereafter the ‘VLP’) – is a separated port operator of 2 berthes with combined length around 300 m and able to accept fleet with maximum draft not exceeding 7,75 meters. Terminal handling bulk coal with maximum open storage capacity up to 20’000 mt.

View towards «VLP» and «MALY» port of Vostochny View towards «VLP» and «MALY» port of Vostochny

4) Crude oil terminal Kozmino(SSOLP Kozmino) – pls refer to separate page concerning this terminal through below link.


5) Vostochny Maly Port (hereafter the ‘Maly port’) – established in 1992 and located in mouth of the river co-jointly with ‘VLP’ terminal and apart of it contains 3 coal loading berthes with total length over 300 meters and accepting vessels with draft up to 8,0 meters.

View of «VUT» (on backward view: «TBK» Berth and «VSC» Berth #8 View of «VUT» (on backward view: «TBK» Berth and «VSC» Berth #8

6) Vostochno-Uralskiy Terminal (hereafter the ‘VUT’) is former well-known fertilizers handling terminal and nowadays oriented for bulk coal exports mainly to inner Asia directions. VUT is a one berth owner organization, which keep progressively developing since establishment & the only terminal (after PPK-3 of Vostochny port) that holding a conveyor system loading with two loading arms (loaders) separately connected and ability to offer amazing loading rate of up to 450 - 500 mt/each per hour (22-24’000 mt within 24 hours atdn sshinc). Berth has length of 215 meters with ability to accept vessels with LOA up to 190 meters maximum, and laden draft could occur up to 11,0 meters (summer sea water).

View of «VNT» — Berth #39 with backward view towards PPK-3 Berthes

7) Vostochny Neftechemical Terminal (hereafter the ‘VNT’) – was the first crude & chemical terminal established in Russia in 2004 able to accept chemical liquids & petrochemimcal derivatives (such as MGO, MDO, jet fuel, HSFO, etc.), naptha, methanol, buthanol, etc. VNT has one loading berth, able to accept tankers with LOA up to 200 meters and maximum laden draft at this pier could be not more 11,8 meters. General infrastructure of VNT contains of automated central control system installed for discharge the tank-wagons at a rate in between 50 to 700 m3 per hour, Reservoir Park with capacity over 28’000 m3, with one time storage of six different liquids (excluding mixing with other commodities), loading berth & fire extinguishing system which is capable for extinguish a fire on two-objects simultaneously for two and a half hours continuously.

View of «TBK» pier - in between of «VUT and «VSC»

8) Toplivo-Bunkering Company (hereafter the ‘TBK’) is a compact organization, uses a small jetty, situated in between ‘VUT’ and ‘VSC’ berth #8 and oriented for carry out handling of mainly bunker (IFO/DO) mainly for coastal bunker trade within the limits of Nakhodka & Vostochny ports. 

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