Slavyanka port

Port of Slavyanka (RUSKA) located at Primorskiy krai, in Zaliv Petra Velikogo gulf, inside Slavyanka harbour.  

Slavyanka port mainly known by its “Slavyanka Ship Repairing Yard” (SSRZ) - one of our partner at Slavyanka.
SSRZ  was established in 1970 with aims to become leading ship yard at Russian Fareast of former Soviet Unionat Fareast area.

Panorama of Slavyanka port

Nowadays, SSRZ contains over 60 units of various shore crane facilities with capacity 5~100 mt, floating pier with LOA over
300 meters, able to accept any fleet with maximum draft up to 9 meters.
Combined berthes length is over 400 meters, able to accept a fleet with maximum 5 meters draft.

Additionally, Slavyanka port has more than 1000 people engaged in port continuous growth & development.

Generally, entire port’s water area has 3 main anchorage areas, able to accept a fleet with maximum LOA up to 400 meters with maximum draft up to 15 meters.

Anchorage areas located in following coordinates:

1) Anchor point #8 - 42,54'21 N 131,26'02" E
2) Anchor point RPK Slavyanka 2 - 42,54'18 N 131,26'58,50" E
3) Anchor point RPK Slavyanka - 42,53'17 N 131,25'32,50" E

For proceeding to anchorage or for mooring to SSRZ, pilot is compulsory.
Slavyanka pilot station is located in coordinates: 42,53'79 N 131,28'10'' E.

Prior & during approaching inside Slavyanka Harbour & pilot station, a compulsory radar guidance should be arranged
by VTS "Vladivostok-Traffic" on VHF 16/71, and then "Slavyanka Pilot" on VHF 16(30) or "Slavyanka-Port control"
on VHF 16(30) for further accepting pilot for next guidance till suitable anchorage area or SSRZ berth/pier.

As you well aware, our company successfully performs ships agency attendance at port of Slavyanka
and please feel free to contact with us for agency service at this port.